new works by Epjey Pacheco and Egg Fiasco








New works by Epjey Pacheco and Egg Fiasco

Opening September 25 Sunday 6 PM

On view from September 25 to October 19
This is show is a collaborative effort of two artists, that is hardly called an effort, since graffiti artists are so used to doing collaboration sessions that they do It every day on the empty walls and pavements like a casual art bombing of sorts.

Apart from their individual paintings for this show, Epjey Pacheco and Egg Fiasco’s collaborations are rather perfect in terms of contrast with each other. For one, the results did not look forced, because their styles, though a bit different from each other, are still naturally merged at one point through their similar usage of striking colors. The total outcome of their collusion is an appealing visual collaboration of hues, details, and the ever-present paradoxes of ugly beautiful things. They complement each other, from the imaged assault of candy-coated decaying substances that seem to spring up from the constant degeneration of our present pop culture to the rainbows patterns that are like flowers that lay embrace to a rotting flesh corpse. The western feel of their paintings and them being graffiti artists might also have something to do with this, since cultural disintegration is happening right now and is strongly influenced by outside factors, with the emergence of facebook, cheap brainless tv shows, senseless teenage slut pop music, pointless abuse of man’s natural resources, and all the other unnecessary heap of things that threaten the end of man’s so called intellectual evolution. And since their enemy is using a massive range of communication medium, they simply decide to take possession and conquer the other larger part of it: the streets. Drawn closely together, their works have this western, New York-ish feel, as if was one those things that you see featured in American sub-culture art magazines.

Epjey focuses more on the detail of his works (which are rather excruciating and painfully time-consuming). These drawings can be somehow compared with the craft of cross-stitching, involving an immense deal of patience and boredom, but surprisingly resulting into a masterwork of detail that literally shows how long (or short) the artwork has taken to finish. “Gusto ko lang maglabas ng madami pang trabaho at magexplore ng ibat ibang bagay kahit outside of art. gusto ko ng growth saart ko at sa pagkatao ko. and i think nagfefeed yung dalawang goalna yun sa bawat isa.” Epjey says, admitting that he is very much curious with the boundaries of his own art and his hunger for more personal exploration right now is totally insatiable.

Egg, on the other hand, has this noticeable effect of depicting his characters and imageries in suspended three-dimensional state, which works well in giving an illusion of dimension within the collaboration itself through the usage of flattened shades and an arresting usage of brilliant colors. “The theme will develop between dark and bright colors, the struggle between good and evil, balancing the inner demons that exist within all of us. I like having balance in every aspect of my life so we planned to highlight and portray that in our show.” other Fiasco explains during the interview.

So then it all reflects in their anthology of works: symbols of excess, danger, violence, grime, multicolored gore, destruction of nature, and all other things packed together into a tight box with four(or more) walls, worshipping the contemporary language of the streets.

words by dave lock





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