The Unwaking Hour by JJ Zamoranos


“The Unwaking Hour”

JJ Zamoranos First solo exhibit

30 August – 20 September 2011

4 September Sunday, 6 PM – opening reception and launch of his toy

Secret Fresh Gallery,

Ronac Art Center, Greenhills, Sa Juan MM


Ideas. What happens to those ideas once our minds have summoned them into existence? “The Unwaking Hour”, JJ Zamoranos first solo exhibit which will be on view from the 30th of August to the 20th of September at Secret Fresh Gallery, serves as a hint to the absolute, unsubordinated minds of every human being that contributes to this surreal world of notions. Contradictory as it may seem, (as the “un” part gives a sense of what it is to be in a dream subconsciously or just in a plain slumber, while the “waking” reflects the reality) this random thought expresses the collected ideas and binds them together in a whirlwind of imaginative and obviously surreal habitat created by every individual’s conception. Like the “choose your own adventure” book, the audiences are more than welcome to express their opinions and/or form a story based on what they see or feel roused by the visual and emotional stir. The titles are not there to reveal or hide the meaning of the works. They are intended to show the starting point of the whole story, waiting to be discovered by your mischievous and adventurous little hearts, backed-up by your own playful mind.


JJ Zamoranos, also known as EXLD in the street art scene, has been tagging and bombing walls since 2006, while participating in numerous group shows in notable alternative art spaces in Manila.  Getting wind so much of the freedom from painting in the streets, he dropped out from his fine arts degree program in FEU. His style mixes fluffy menace and steely whimsy as he looks up to Flying Fortress, Jeremy Fish and Audrey Kawasaki for inspiration.


The Unwaking Hour will be on view from August 30 – September 20, 2011


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